Devlog #2 – Options, debris and insights

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This week in our game adventure:

  1. Options: That damned thing that must be done.
  2. Debris: Some feedback to ease the experience.
  3. Galactical coins: Yay, more combo time.
  4. Insights: Where are we going?



So, every game must have some options, at least to some degree. It is a feature that one feels lazy to work for, but it is a must. People like to personalize things, and one should give the user the ability to play the way he/she likes. Maybe it is wanted to play in a window, so you are still able to chat to someone. Maybe you don’t like the game music at all, and you prefer to play your own soundtrack, etc. So this is a part of what was done this week. Also, with smooth tween animations.


Options include:

  • Fullscreen
  • Quality
  • Music volume
  • SFX volume
  • Language
  • Input (I will start just showing the controls)

Now that we see it posted, it seems too dark. Will need to iterate on that.



When grinding planets, I felt like something was off, like some feedback was needed. So I decided to add debris, when you grind a planet, you will separate the score debris from the planet, and it will stay floating, forever. I am still having doubts if it should be affected by gravity. One thing for sure, you should be able to collide with it and push it, without them moving you. By doing that the scenario will be more alive, since right now it feels a little bit empty. The only impact that it has is visual. Gameplay won’t be affected by debris.



Galactical coins

This is something I am not sure about. Playing, it felt that sometimes you are doing nothing, which means that the combo time will pass and combo will be broken. I added this galactical coins (the floating hexagons) that will give little score, but will keep the combo alive. It may make the game too easy. From the beginning I wanted some hexagons to be filled, everybody love hexagons. But whether it is a good idea or not, is still to be ensured.



Insights – Where the heck are we going and some maybes

Well, we are having a playtesting session next week, this will help. We will look fundamentally two things

  • What works in the game?
  • What doesn’t?

If people are not having fun, we must need to know why. Maybe we are lacking something or maybe we are overdoing something else. This game doesn’t make sense if people can’t have fun with it. It shouldn’t matter how much time we spend on a feature, if it doesn’t work… it must go :(.


Brainstorming for next milestone:

  • Backstory: We are not talking full narrative, but it is true that the game is in a void. It doesn’t have any context, it feels like it requires one. It could be a simple thing.
  • Non quantitative objectives: Maybe this goes hand in hand with the backstory, but levels should have different objectives, maybe in one you have a score target, and in another one you have specific goals apart from that. (e.g. you must destroy 3 lasers). Of course, this should go with some reward system.
  • Longtime rewards: Here we are thinking about Binding of Isaac, where you could unlock some items and would enter in the item pool. Maybe some thing in that direcion would boost replayability.
  • Generative music: This is a problem for me, I tend to put a lot of interest in music, and maybe sometimes I am overdoing it. If the game feels dead, maybe music could bring it alive. We have to sleep over it.
  • Bosses: Yes, we need them, something to separate a galaxy from  the next one.
  • Humor: Up to an extenct, this may ease the backstory when there is one.



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