Devlog #3 – Playtesting!!

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Well yesterday was a busy day. We participated in a playtesting session organized by Digipen and Ve Interactive and we had some interesting views of the game. A questionnaire was filled by players and these are the results:

Now the job is to try to better all the options for the next event or release, so everyone who felt something was just ‘good’ will feel ‘very good’.

After talking with some of the players, these are the general conclusions.

  1. It is difficult to control. 🙁
  2. It is hard to understand. 🙁
  3. It is addictive. 🙂

In more detail:

  • People don’t like to slow down, we may be punishing too much.
  • Some elements are not obvious whether they are good or bad for you.
  • We are missing some feedback elements. We need to be more obvious.

So, we are doing something good and we are doing something wrong not that good. Next weeks will be aimed at those precise problems. Also we need to fix the Greenlight trailer, the game already difficult enough to understand, and the trailer does not help.

These are the tasks that will be worked on incoming weeks:

  • Improve the controls.
  • Some more clear tutorials.
  • Tweak gravitational inertias.
  • Add things! (Turbos, Pickups, Upgrades, Enemies, Different planets, Levels)
  • Redo the trailer, update the screenshots.

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