Devlog #4 – Turbo, Galaxies and Music Experiment

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This last two weeks have been rough. After the playtesting session I have been trying to make the user to feel more in control about the game. This is what has been worked on this 2 weeks.

  • Turbo
  • Level generation
  • Musical Experiment


People were complaining that the game is difficult to control, that most of the time, it was more chance than skill. Adding the turbo may ease up that feeling. Although if you use it too much you will get an score penalty.


Level generation

A main level has been added, from which you can access the rest of the levels as you unlock them. With that, a tutorial has been added too, the game is not self explanatory and we are having a bad time trying to make it so. The next galaxy has been started too, with new obstacles and enemies.


[The main galaxy]



[An example of the tutorial]



[A new world is being developed!]

Musical experiment

Now, it seems unavoidable to me, any game I make, has to do something with music, and I have been experimenting with it. I have started an experiment, beat detection. I will try to make game elements responsive to music. This could make feel the game more alive, more dynamic. If in the end it doesn’t give nothing to the game, I will have to remove it, but so far, I will experiment with it.


I converted the sound waves to frequency space (PCM -> DFT), it is a very nice coding practice. I also divided the spectrum in different segments, since different elements will react to different frequencies. So far I will be tracking this frequencies:

  • 20hz – 250hz: Bass
  • 250hz – 500hz: Low mid range
  • 500hz – 2000hz: Mid range
  • 2000hz – 4000hz: Hi mid range
  • 4000hz – 20000hz: Presence and brilliance

Now, I will have to compose music to use those bands correctly. I will probably merge all the mid ranges into one band. I feels like the will have enough with elements reacting to three bands (low, mid, hi)

Hopefully next week the second galaxy will be finished! And the music reactiveness will have taken me somewhere!

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