Devlog #5 – Music, Feedback & Gameplay

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This weeks several improvements have been done for the game.

For starters, a new trailer has been made! Yayyy.


From the last post up until now. Things have changed quite a lot. Now the Mayhem Above feeds from music. You choose any song from the computer (mp3/ogg) and the game will generate a random level based on the seed of the song. Also, it will detect the most probable “beats” and register them so the game will be able to react to the beats.

Several experiments have been done to parse Mp3. Unsuccessfully. I will try again in the future since it seems a very interesting exercise. Now that I have set up Fmod, I can compare directly the PCM results of Fmod against my algorithm to check what I am doing wrong with the Mp3 decodification. But I read somewhere that the mp3 license is expiring? Maybe something like ogg/vorbis library comes along and I will consider using it.



Now, as you may have noticed, as the game now feeds of music, it is all about the music, the game is no longer split in levels, but in songs. You beat the songs of your computer.

First you start the level with very low level of music, and the level is almost idle, nothing it’s happening. Then you start collecting volume by getting pickups or activating planetoids. These will activate the enemies that around the planet, so it will make it harder to play. So there is that trade off. You want more score and more volume? Great, but it will be more difficult.

For example:

No volume
Full volume

Also some enemies just react when there is a beat. I will try to push this further, and to detect more things, not only the beat, I would like to detect long note chords, but I can promise anything! I have not done that before. A spectrum analysis should give me something, right?



Now that the game feeds on music, it requires to react to music. The first steps were to make the whole level react to the beats. At the beginnin, there were lights coming out from the center of the level. After asking some questions to some testers, they told me that seemed like the music came out from the center of the level.

Now the lights come out from the player, and it seems more like the music is coming from you! (As it should be).

Also, the background will react to the beats, my color algorithms have changed from RGB to HSV, in order to have more control of the Saturation and Brightness without changing the Hue.

Nevertheless, I think that some extra feedback is missing for the song, maybe an animation of the spectrum to the sides. Maybe some more hardcore beat feedback.


Thoughs and Work in progress

Currently most of my effort is focused in the marketing aspect, I would like to close the game, but still there are some things missing that some testers pointed out. The high score screen is missing! I have done some iterations in the end match screen, but due to my UI unexperience, I am not fully satisfied and I find myself redoing it again.

Some work is being algo done in keeping a rank list online, PHP + SQL. Seems fun to develop, but I don’t know if it is worth it right know, when the game is still not approved in greenlight.

Some tester pointed out that Local Multiplayer would be a boost, it shouldn’t be too hard to do, but it may not be worthy. I am still thinking about it. Anyway, if it comes, it will come after the HighScore functionalities.


Thank you for reading! and don’t forget to vote the game on greenlight!

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