Devlog #6 – ScoreScreen, Social and local library

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So, this week has been about score and match end, until now there was nothing summarizing what has been done, nor keeping track. Now there is a system that keeps track of the songs you searched and the score you got from them.

Song select

The song select window has improved, now you can choose the directories with more ease. Although an option to use windows explorer is missing, but coming :). Also the songs that have been completed will “grey” out, and you can preview the length of the song and the previous high score.

End match screen

Also a first iteration end screen has been done showing you the score and timeline of your gameplay. In the timeline you can see how well you did and when, you can also see when you completely failed if you did. I added options like retry and next song. This should ease the jump to next level arduosity (I checked, it is a word).

Social share

The share button will create a image file that you can upload to social media pages to brag about your score :). Although this images could be easily altered with any image processing tools to change the score. I will not be worrying about that at this moment.

Enemy tweaking

Enemies have been  tweaked, now enemies won’t be able to go outer space, making it a perfect place to strategize your next movement, giving the player some rest, some time (but not too much). Also, those pink enemies, which internally are called “swarm” will now explode when touching you, removing you score and volume, and also, disrupting your current trajectory.


The future

Now, the game is still on greenlight and it seems to be there some while. I decided to keep this game in a marketing stage will I start developing the next project. (I am a programmer, I need to code!). I will start coding for it again if when it is greenlit, preparing it for release, optimizations, ranking leaderboards, further music analysis and such.

I don’t know what’s the next project about, but it has a big black triangle in the center.

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