Devlog? #7 – Greenlit!

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Good news everyone! Mayhem Above has been Greenlit. That means soon it will be on steam! Before that there are a few more features that need to be in the game. I hope to get it done this month!

Experience system

An experience system will be added to the game. The idea is that the experience will determine how many skill points the user has, and the user can put those skill points in his desired ability. This could be maximum speed, turbo power, turbo amount, drift distance and others. I still have to figure out what is the most entertaining abilities.



Now, I realized that even if the game is fed on your computer songs, I should deliver some songs with the game, so I need to start composing right away, and give the player some songs of different difficulties! They will most probably be EDM songs which is what I am more comfortable with.


Local multiplayer

As some testers have pointed out, this game could be much more fun if played with friends. I am willing to explore this in a local multiplayer scheme. I am thinking about two modes, competitive and cooperative. In the competitive mode you will be able to annoy the other players (I still don’t know how, maybe just hitting them). And in the cooperative mode you will cooperate to get a high score.



Know that the game is going live, I need some way to actually compete against your friends (at least in a passive way). So I am planning on some leaderboards where your score is posted (if you want) and you can compare against your friends. Still haven’t decided the method.



Now, this one I am not sure yet, but at some point the game needs to be in other languagues. The challenge here is to handle complex fonts. I still haven’t figured it out, but I am willing to give it a try! Yesterday I realized how beautiful Chinese Glyphs are.


See you in Steam soon! 😉

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