Devlog #10: The last 10 percent

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From now on, I will rename the Month of “July” to “Month Of Chaos” in my calendar. The development progress has been halted for several reasons these last weeks:

  • Making the OST
  • Fixing bugs
  • My incompetence to finishing up things
  • Vacations! (…yay…)
  • Fear of failure

Hopefully I am set to continue now.

Finishing up

Mayhem Above development is reaching an important checkpoint, the release date! I plan on releasing the game the following weeks if everything goes as planned. There are still some small non-breaking bugs needed to be fixed though.


A reasonable amount of time has been spent implementing the SteamApi to the game. I completely forgot about the achievements and I had to get it done. So far I made 13 achievements:

  • Pro Grinder: Grind a total of 100 Planetoids
  • Master Grinder: Grind a total of 1000 Planetoids
  • Mute Victim: Get 0 score on a play
  • Indirector: Tackle 50 enemies indirectly
  • Pro Bouncer: Bounce a total of 100 Planetoids
  • Master Bouncer: Bounce a total of 1000 Planetoids
  • Friend or Foe?: Bounce another player into a laser (you bastard)
  • Outsider: Stay 30 consecutive seconds in outer space (hard)
  • Insider: Complete a play without going to outer space
  • Tackle Tickle: Tackle 3 enemies in less than 5 seconds
  • Untouchable: Complete a play without been hurt (not hard, but requires a different way of thinking)
  • Speaker Master: Activate 3 Planetoids under 10 seconds
  • Pacifist: Complete a play without activating any Planetoid

At this point I miss a signal/slot pattern. That would have saved me a lot of time and it is a must for my next project whatever it is.


I am almost done with the OST, just one song is missing. I am still new at making music, but I love it. I am trying the songs to have a very well defined beat so the game does not have any problem recognizing the music impulses.

Here, have a peek:

*This statement does not clarify who needs to be ready

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